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Functional Workouts For Real Results!

NoBull-Bag Will Push You To Your Limits

Bulgarian Power Bag – Nalai & Co

Gym Closures Can Wreck Your Fitness Routines!

The NoBull-Bag is your perfect partner for a full-body workout. Press it, spin it, squat it, lift it. The various handles enable a vast range of exercises, including unique side grips to improve grip and forearm strength.  

50 Workouts With One Tool

Time to update those barbells and machines to this real-world strength and fitness power bag that will increase your strength. 

The NoBull-Bag makes it great for one-on-one training, functional group training or as a station in a circuit. It is the ideal aid for high strength explosive exercises. 

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Elite Functional Training Tool

A fantastic tool that delivers real results to improving grip strength, core power, and overall conditioning. The NoBull-Bag improves strength and mobility as the body works through all the planes of movement.

 It is set to be your future serious training partner. The soft leather molds to a user's hand for a personal feel when performing spins, working muscular endurance, rotational core power, and improving balance.

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Unique And Versatile Design

Designed for those who focus on strength and power in their workouts, this Fitness  NoBull-Bag has a synthetic leather coating, making it easy to wipe down and keep clean Made with various handles that can be used for a range of different exercises.

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Multipurpose Power Bag

The  NoBull-Bag can be used for a range of different exercises and supports excellent movement skills through its vast range of movements and exercises including everything that can be done with a dumbbell, barbell, and kettlebell; along with different functional changes that cannot be done with any other modality.

Portable And Easy To Clean

Made of high-quality PU material, it is strong, durable and easy to clean. A lightweight and small in size, this portable power bag is easy to carry and store.

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Improve Your Grappling, Endurance & Conditioning

The standard NoBull-Bag protocol involves four movements; the spin, the snatch, the arm throw, and the pushup.

  • Spin (10 each direction) – Use the power of your hips to propel the bag around your head, bending your arms at the top to keep the trajectory of the bag close to your body. 
  • Snatch (10) – Stand with a wide enough stance so the bag can fit through your legs.  Think of hinging at the hips as you would with a kettlebell swing, and lightly tapping the bag to the ground before you explode it up overhead. 
  • Arm throw (10) – The arm throw is all about lateral movement.  With the bag resting on your back, uncoil your body and throw the bag at your opposite foot
  • Push Up (10) –  Keep your arms in close and your core tight.  As you descend squeeze your elbows close to your body, think as if you are inside control and must stay tight the whole time. Maintain this position and you ascend to the top position as well.


  • Ideal for improving your explosiveness 
  • With different handles: to use for various exercises
  • Sturdy and durable, suitable for intensive use



  • Material: PU
  • Color: Red, Black, Green
  • Filling Weight: 5-25kg
  • Size: Approx. 52 * 20cm / 20.5 * 7.9inch
  • Weight: Approx. 400g

 * In order to provide faster shipping and reduced cost the bag does not come with sand - you must add your own sand into the bag's internal reservoir. 

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